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 An overview of the tour routes

On this page you will find the tour routes that we have available for you. Of course, these are not all of the routes that have been plotted in the region, but it already offers a good number of routes. Both for the beginners and for the more experienced cyclists.

We have collected the data from these routes in a folder that we have in our 'living room' in the wall cupboard. If you cannot find it immediately, we will be happy to help you further!

Tours in the Auvergne

  • Very easy
  • Easy
  • Average
  • Difficult


1 Autour du plan déau des Fades-Besserves 47 km 3h30 1840 m Average

2 Entre pierre et eau 57 km 4h30 1210 m Easy

3 Villages et Châteaux 52 km 3h30 380 m Very easy

4 Châteaux du Livradois 76 km 5h00 1150 m Average

5 Les Hautes-Chaumes 74 km 6h00 2200 m Difficult

6 A la découverte des savoir-faire 66 km 5h00 1990 m Average

7 Châteaux et villages au pays de la reine Margot 62 km 4h30 1900 m Average

8 Villages et Châteaux perchés 62 km 5h00 1310 m Average

9 Les Monts Dôme 36 km 3h00 1080 m Easy

10 Le Cézallier 80 km 6h00 2060 m Average

11 Le tour du Sancy 76 km 6h30 2370 m Difficult

12 D'Orcival au Guéry 70 km 5h00 1800 m Average 

The map of the area:

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